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A La Carte


      10   ~ Autumn terrine with chestnut and season vegetables on a pumpkin         cream with nutmeg

       12  ~ Bressan’s salad with sliced smoked chicken, blue Bresse’s cheese and nuts

     12  ~ Ocean’s salad with smoked salmon and shelled shrimps tails

     14  € ~Stag Pâté "Gamay du Bugey" wine and hazel nut

on a "girolles" mushrooms with schallot

      15~Snail terrine with parsley mushrooms on a leck smooth and garlic     

           ~ Speciality ofé the chief : frogs legs seared with butter, garlic and parsley (see price and parts in Frogs Menu)


Fishes and Meats

    14 ~   Roasted half cockerel with mushroom sauce and basmati pilaf rice

    16 € ~ (light)  Tinfoil Salmon with butter and parsley and vapor vegetables (without butter in choice)

   18 € ~ Jugged hare leg in old wine and Fresh Pasta with Butter

    23 € ~ Ribsteak  "Charolais" and oven-browned pasta with cream

  23 € ~ The perfect tender beefsteak « Charolais », Morel mushrooms cream, fresh pasta with butter

   23 € ~ Traditional Bresse’s chicken with Morel mushrooms cream and rice


            ~ Speciality of the chief : frogs legs seared with butter, garlic and parsley (see price and parts in Frogs Menu)


The Cheeses

   4 €  ~ Cottage cheese in « Faisselle » with cream or redberries grout

   6 €  ~ Plate of three slices of ripened French cheese

   5 €  ~ Little One serving pot of « Ramequin » of the village (strong molted cheese) With toasted croutons



The Desserts

    5 €  ~ Foodie Cottage with apple, fudge, and cinnamon

   6  ~  « Crème Brûlée » with caramelized brown sugar and vanilla

 7 €  ~ Lemon pie with redberries grout and little meringue

 8   ~   Apple clafoutis and nuts with cinnamon on vanilla cream

  8   ~  Pear panna cotta, slices almonds and chocolate sauce

  9   ~  Three crystallized fruits with "Cerdon" syrup (apricot, plum, grape)

 10 €  ~ The homemade « Delice de l’Ermite » :Fondant chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche (The speciality of the   chief)


 Kids Menu  (- 12 year)

 10 €  ~ Turkey steak with cream ( or nature ) and fresh pasta with butter, and a kid’s dessert


                                                                                              Good appetit                    Bon Appétit….